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Welcome to Argentina, welcome to the best shooting destination.
Located in the most agricultural areas of Santiago del Estero, we are proud to introduce you “L & S hunting Co.”, a new organization dedicated to the activity of feather hunting. For its perfect climate patterns and fertile soils, the province allows vast extensions of grain production the entire year. This has generated an overpopulation of “eared doves” and the perfect habitat for the species to reproduce. Dove shooting in Santiago del Estero has no restriction, when it comes to killing certain amount of birds. There are three current operating outfitters in Santiago del Estero, but unlike most outfitters in Córdoba province, the land under our possession are virgin terrains, therefore, the ground you will be walking on will be the first time for most of you. You have seen a flock of birds but in Santiago del Estero you will see massive clouds of doves, yes, the amount is immaculate, and this view is permanent. One convenient point to consider is that the province has its own airport, which is an hour and 15 minutes away from the lodge. Another positive aspect to consider is that our hunting grounds are a couple of minutes away from the lodge.
Annual average temperature 21,5ºC 70,7ºF Warm and humid climate   Annual averiage rain 695mm
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